TrustPay is founded in 2009 and since then, they have been offering high-quality and trustworthy payment services all over the European Economic Area.



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About TrustPay

TrustPay is founded in 2009 and has been providing secure e-commerce payment method across the European Economic Area. TrustPay is a technology company that provides solutions to support payment and customer services. TrustPay is also considered as one of the pioneer Fintech in the industry of mobile payments. With their membership with VISA Europe, MasterCard, and UnionPay, TrustPay is sure to be a trustworthy payment method across Europe. Their PCI DSS Level 1 certification enables them to provide merchants and customers with exemplary cross-border B2B services. TrustPay also works with six different currencies: EUR, CZK, PLN, HUF, USD or GBP. TrustPay has accepted by more than 100,000 web shops, online organizations, and online casinos over the years.

TrustPay is founded in 2009 and since then, they have been offering high-quality and trustworthy payment services all over the European Economic Area. Despite its limited scope, TrustPay is known all over the world for its high safety and security standards, good payment services, and large partners including Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay. Find out if TrustPay is available in your country and start utilizing its services now.


  • Safe and high-security standards
  • Instant
  • No costly fees


  • Available only within Europe
  • Limited currencies

How to Use TrustPay?

There are numerous ways on how to make deposits and payments with TrustPay. Payments made with TrustPay are processed almost in a flash and your deposited funds will immediately reflect in your casino account. Just log in to your casino account and navigate to the cashier option. You will find a list of accepted payment methods, then, look for TrustPay.

  • Sign up on TrustPay’s website to fully enjoy the services they offer and to make your deposit. Fill up some important details they need then you will be provided with an e-Wallet account and you will be able to deposit funds in it. This can be done through credit or debit card transfers and instantly move these funds to your online casino account. Select TrustPay as the payment method, input your e-Wallet Personal Identification (PID) and your password.
  • If you choose to make a deposit through credit or debit card, Trustpay is partnered with Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay. You will need to obtain at least among these three to use this service. At the cashier page, choose Trustpay as the deposit method then choose the credit card option and input your CVV2 code and expiry date.
  • Internet banking is also a choice. You will be redirected to a web page that contains all the banking information of Trustpay.
  • If you opt for Paysafecard choice, you need a physical or virtual Paysafecard and look for its 16-digit PIN. Choose TrustPay as the payment method, select Paysafecard, then, enter your PIN. 


TrustPay’s website gives off a worldly and high-tech interface with sleek animations that will intrigue many customers. Its webpage lays out a nice and crisp design with shades of blue. The top buttons include Our Service, About Us, Contact, and Internet Banking. The website is available in Slovakian, English, Czech, Hungarian and Slovenian.

Advantages of TrustPay

TrustPay is trusted by many customers because it has its own advantages, hence its widespread popularity among online merchants like online realistic games casino free spins. Here are some of those evident advantages:

  • TrustPay follows the same high security and safety standards, thus, transactions are as safe as normal bank transfers or other online payment methods
  • Payments made with TrustPay are done and processed instantly; it will be reflected on your casino account immediately
  • A TrustPay payment is made anonymously; your information is safe with TrustPay and never shared with third parties
  • No costly fees will be charged for using their services, your registration is also free of charge
  • You are not required to make a TrustPay account to use their services

Disadvantages of Trustpay

TrustPay is not exempted from the cons or disadvantages, just like any normal online payment methods.

  • TrustPay is very limited especially to members of the European Union.
  • No withdrawals are available from the services of TrustPay, thus you can’t see any online casino offering TrustPay as a withdrawal method.


In TrustPay, signing up and using their services is free of charge. If your account is denominated in a currency other than the currency that TrustPay accepts, the relevant fee shall be collected in the currency in which the account is denominated, and a currency conversion at the rate set by TrustPay will be followed.

Below are some of the fees TrustPay charges:

  • Transaction fee for each incoming payment: 0.2 EUR
  • Outgoing domestic or SEPA Payment from Payment account: 1.5 EUR
  • Other outgoing payment (e.g. foreign payment): 30 EUR
  • Account maintenance per month: 5 EUR
  • Cash deposit to account: 5% of nominal deposit Settlement of an insufficiently identified payment: 3 EUR
  • Cancellation of outgoing payment: 30 EUR
  • Fee for inactivity per month: 10 EUR

Security and Licenses

TrustPay is licensed and regulated by EU and National Bank of Slovakia. TrustPay obtains a PCI DSS Level 1 certification. TrustPay is also a member of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) that provides an internationally-recognized identification code for banks around the world. They are also a principal member of Mastercard, VISA, and UnionPay, three of the biggest names in the industry of financial institutions.

Customer Support

TrustPay does everything for you to trust them especially in terms of their customer service. An FAQ section is present on the website which can be navigated on the bottom part of the website and play realistic games. There is also a form provided on the Contact section of the website

  • Email: you may send an email through their email address
  • Phone: phone support is also available by contacting them at +421 2 321 68 450
  • Company address: if you live in Slovakia, you may personally give your queries by visiting their physical office with this address:

Trust Pay, a.s.

Za kasárňou 1

831 03 Bratislava


Verdict – Should You Trust?

Yes, you should! TrustPay has been trusted by many customers throughout the years and it’s now time for you to trust them. TrustPay has been proving their legitimacy, high standards, and good services since the day they were established, thus TrustPay is a recommended deposit method.


What is TrustPay?

TrustPay is a type of e-wallet which provides several online payment services. This Slovakian online payment method very simple to use and it’s the preferred e-wallet in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s particularly popular in the countries Slovakia, Estonia, and Czech Republic.

Is TrustPay a legitimate payment method used at online casinos?

Yes, TrustPay is definitely a legitimate online payment method. It has added security measures to ensure clients that it’s safe and secure to make online transactions through TrustPay.

What languages and currencies can be used when making transactions through TrustPay?

English and Slovak are the available languages at TrustPay. On the other hand, TrustPay processes online transactions using the currencies Euros and Czech Koruna.

How does TrustPay work?

TrustPay offers four major ways for clients to send or receive money online. The first method is through a VISA or Mastercard credit card. Clients can also make online transactions using their personal bank accounts. Another method is through the customer’s Paypal account. Lastly, TrustPay also lets its clients do online payments through Paysafecard vouchers.

Is it safe to use TrustPay for online transactions?

Yes, it’s regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia. TrustPay also protects all of its clients’ data and will never give any sensitive information to third parties.

How can players use TrustPay for deposit transactions?

The client must first choose TrustPay from the list of available deposit methods in his preferred casino’s ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’ page. Since there are four ways to deposit funds using TrustPay, the process will be slightly different for each method for.

If a Paysafecard voucher will be used to deposit funds, the player must select the Paysafecard option and enter the unique 16-digit code. Then, he must provide the required details, indicate the amount on the voucher that he wishes to deposit, and then click the ‘Confirm’ button for the transaction to be processed.

If the client prefers to use his VISA or Mastercard credit card, then he must select the card payment option. A pop-up page will require the client to provide the card details like the expiration date and CVV2 code. After indicating the amount that the client wants to deposit, the transaction will then be processed.

For TrustPay deposits using a personal bank account, the client must choose the internet banking option. The client will be redirected to a page which contains all the participating banks. He must choose his preferred bank from the list and log in to the bank’s main page. After following the specific instructions of his chosen bank, the fund transfer will be processed.

How can players use TrustPay for withdrawal transactions?

Unfortunately, TrustPay is mainly used for deposits only. Majority of online casinos does not offer TrustPay as a withdrawal method.

How can a player get a TrustPay account?

One advantage of using TrustPay is it offers online payment services without requiring its clients to sign up for a new account. As long as the client either has a VISA or Mastercard credit card, an active personal bank account at any of the participating banks, a Paypal account, or a Paysafecard voucher, then he can use TrustPay’s various online payment services.

What’s the average processing time for deposit transactions using TrustPay?

Deposits made through Paysafecard vouchers, Paypal, and credit cards are instantly processed and the deposited funds will be reflected on the client’s account in a matter of minutes. Deposits made through a bank transfer will usually take up to 3 days before it gets reflected in the client’s account.

Which online casinos accept TrustPay as a payment method?

The following online casinos accept TrustPay as a payment method: Jetbull Casino, Casino Estrella, Vegas Winner Casino, Stakes Casino, Sugar Casino, PlayFrank Casino, play no deposit bonus game, play no deposit free spins game, Caribic Casino, Omni Slots Casino, Lucky 31 Casino, Play Million Casino, Plantincasino, EatSleepBet Casino, Casino Ventura, Dublinbet Casino, BOSS Casino, 21 Prive Casino, Slots Magic Casino, and Mainstage Bingo Casino.

What are the fees to be paid by the player when using TrustPay for deposit purposes?

TrustPay doesn’t charge any fees for any transaction completed through this platform. All the added charges and fees will depend on the client’s preferred online casino.

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